Big Splash

Marina Big Splash 2004

Saturday 15th May
Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina is the perfect location for an afternoon of free maritime themed mayhem in the form of the Big Splash

Witness a magincal multi-media demonstration that includes toilets waltzing to "air on a G-String", plunger manipulation and the legendary Grand Lo oRoll finale. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water The Life Guards affectionately improvise playful interactions with passers by - remember no running, no petting and certainly no horseplay, you lot! Three towel clad goddesses spurt and spray to the sounds of Gregorian chant and seventies disco, these are classical statues as you've never seen them before.

Get ready for the grand finale kicked off with Carnival Collective and Barulho's inventive Samba on sea! Look out for Neighbourwatch Stilts Internationals Dancing Dali and Drumming Ants and the ending - well thats a surprise but it will definately go with a bang!

The Big Splash is entertainment for all ages so muster your crew and set sail for the Marina!